Hydroelectric Power: Are the Answers Blowing in the Wind?

Posted by admin on Wednesday 24 July 2013

Hydroelectric power has been a reliable energy source since the early 20th century. However, building the infrastructure for such power plants is quite a massive task. The construction of dams and reservoirs requires the manipulation of the environment. Of course, hydroelectric power is clean and does not release any pollution. However, there is perhaps an even better source of clean energy. Wind power has some advantages over hydroelectric power. For instance, windmills do not manipulate the environment More …

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Living Sustainably without Giving Up Comfort

Posted by admin on Tuesday 14 May 2013

A perceived downfall of living sustainably is that one has to give up comfort that they are used to in order to gain monetary savings. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are a number of products and practices that can aid in saving a few dollars without the sacrifice.

Saving on electricity is a major way to cut expenses. A way to start doing this is by employing the use of a programmable thermostat to make an HVAC unit come on less often. The benefit is clear as less energy will be used. Comfort and habit are preserved by a set it and forget about it approach. It also doesn’t hurt the comfort of anyone in a household if the thermostat is set to be at a lower temperature during times when no one is at home such as when kids are at school and adults are at work. It is also prudent to compare electric company and their rates so that the most appropriate supplier can be chose for the area one resides in. That information can be found here and it makes sense to look around for potential deals as with anything else.

Other ways to conserve energy are to look at the condition of the home itself. Part of the reason the HVAC unit may come on more often is because the house is very leaky. If it doesn’t keep conditioned, or rather paid for, air where it should be and keep out the outside air, the unit needs to run more often than it otherwise would. Drafty houses affect the comfort of where people reside and in this case, comfort levels can actually be improved by taking a sustainable approach to it by making sure the house keeps air where it belongs. Energy efficient light bulbs, low flow shower heads, low flow faucet aerators are some additional ways that energy can be saved as now there is less power needed for similar light levels and the cost to pump or heat water for consumption is reduced.

While all of the above are good ways to save, it is important that wasteful habits are minimized. The last thing anyone should do is to get efficient products only to completely negate the savings or even add costs because the lights are left on or showers lengths are done in excess.

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Is Biomass and Bioenergy a Reliable Source of Fuel?

Posted by admin on Sunday 24 March 2013

Bioenergy and biomass are two very popular energy sources. Many people believe these energy sources will eventually replace oil, coal and other fossil fuels. Biomass is simply organic material. Biomass can be stems, leaves and other organic matter. Put simply, biomass is the biodegradable parts of residues, waste and products. Biomass comes from agriculture industries such as forestry.

There are also biodegradable parts that come from municipal and industrial waste. There are many types of More …

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The Future of Hydrogen in Filling Our Energy Needs

Posted by admin on Wednesday 20 March 2013

Astronomers looking for life in deep space scan planets for evidence of water because, on Earth, life requires water, the simple combination of oxygen and hydrogen. The clean energy movement has further underscored the importance of hydrogen.

Yes, mundane hydrogen, the most plentiful element, is a power source, and very potent, too. Hydrogen fuel has powered space shuttle launches for decades. Proponents of the simplest terrestrial element claim that hydrogen will contribute more and more More …

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Is Geothermal Energy a Viable Alternative Source of Fuel?

Posted by admin on Saturday 16 March 2013

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source. In the US alone, there is estimated to be an enormous amount of geothermal energy available, which could supply as much as 3,000 times the amount of energy the US consumes each year. With global warming increasing and fossil fuels becoming depleted, many wonder if geothermal energy is a viable alternative energy source.

With the abundance of geothermal reservoirs, this type of energy is certainly a viable alternative to fossil fuels. However, the main problem is the fact that the More …

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Hydrogen: Earth’s Most Abundant Element As an Energy Source

Posted by admin on Wednesday 13 March 2013

Hydrogen is one of the earth’s natural resources. Hydrogen is actually a very light type of gas, and it’s actually the lightest gas that has ever been discovered. Hydrogen has no taste, smell or color. A hydrogen atom is very small and simple, and some scientists find it hard to believe that hydrogen is so abundant throughout the universe.

Hydrogen atoms are actually the main building blocks for many other atoms. Hydrogen happens to be the first element that mankind ever discovered, and it was the first element to be placed on the More …

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Harnessing the Energy of the Oceans for Future Needs

Posted by admin on Saturday 9 March 2013

At some point, humanity might want to think about harnessing the energy present in the world’s oceans. A completely new wave of renewable energy could be created. However, many people believe that the creation of wave farms could eventually damage the livelihoods of fishermen. It wouldn’t be a surprise if coastal waters were rendered off limits.

Currently, 19 percent of global electricity comes from hydropower. The majority of this hydropower comes from man-made dams that turn falling water into electricity. However, wave More …

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